Compact S

Compact S is an energy-efficient total indoor climate solution for all types of low-energy buildings, single-family homes, flats and small office areas in commercial leases with a ventilation requirement of up to 375 m3/h.

Compact S recovers the energy from the extracted air using a highly efficient counter flow heat exchanger. The remaining energy that is not utilised by the counter flow heat exchanger is used by the heat pump to produce hot water, and to further heat the supply air.

The heat pump has a reversible cooling circuit, which means that, in the summer, the unit can cool the supply air by up to 10 °C. Due to the low air exchange, the cooling does not function as an air conditioning system. On cooling, the supply air is dehumidified, which gives a more pleasant indoor climate than is possible with an ordinary ventilation unit without a heat pump.

* 1 Input without heating element (accessory).
* 2 Input Compact Polar
* 3 At ± 250 Pa and 265 m3/h according EN 13141-7.
* 4 At ± 100 Pa and 265 m3/h according EN 13141-7.

Dimensions (WxDxH) 600 x 600 x 2250 mm
Weight 160 kg
Plate type casing Aluzinc steel plate, white powder coating RAL9016
Heat exchanger type Polystyrene counterflow heat exchanger
Fan type EC, constant rotation
Filter class Standard ISO Coarse >90% (G4)
Duct connections Ø 160 mm
Condensate drain PVC, Ø 20×1,5 mm
External leakage < 0,78%
Internal leakage < 1,47%
Supply voltage 230 V (±10 %), 50/60 HZ
Tightness class IP31
Standby power 3 W
Ambient temperature -20/+40 °C
Refrigerant R134a

Ecodesign/ERP data

Fan data
Motordata (optimalt driftspunkt)

* 1 Input without heating element (accessory).
* 2 Input Compact Polar
* 3 At ± 250 Pa and 265 m3/h according EN 13141-7.
* 4 At ± 100 Pa and 265 m3/h according EN 13141-7.

CO2-sensor – CTS 602 control

With a CO2-sensor installed, the ventilation speed can be pre-programmed with CTS 602 to run at a higher ventilation steps when CO2 reaches high level in the extract air. CO2-level is programmable.

Electrical pre-heating element (Frost protection)

An electrical pre-heating element heats up the outdoor air before it enters the unit. This avoids having to defrost the unit, resulting in a loss of power. There are
temperature sensors supplied to be fitted in the ducts.

DBTU damper

If there is not enough space to fit an EM-box, Nilan offers a DTBU damper, which can be fitted between kitchen and bathroom. The damper functions precisely like the EM-box but requires longer cables.

Noise-attenuating flexible hose

For easy fitting and excellent noise attenuation between the system and the distribution box and/or between the system and roof vents.


An EM-box allows heat recovery from the air from the range hood and thereby helps to heat the supply air. The EM-box is equipped with a steel filter which efficiently cleans the range hood air of fat particles and thereby protects the system.


Expansion PCB

The expansion PCB provides additional functions for the CTS 602 control unit.

Pollen filter - ISO ePM1 50-65%

A pollen filter class ISO ePM1 50-65% can be fitted in the unit. The pollen filter is fitted with the ISO Coarse >90% (G4) plate filter.

Consumer profile, water heater L (large)
Energy efficiency class A
Energy efficiency for water heating -
average climate
118 %
Annual electricity consumption - average
852 kWh/annum
Temperature settings on the thermostat 10 - 65 °C
Sound power level LWA 46 dB(A)
The water heater can function outside
peak load periods (Smart-grid)
Guidelines for assembly, installation and
See installation
Energy efficiency for water heating - cold
118 %
Energy efficiency for water heating - warm
118 %
Annual electricity production - cold climate 852 kWh/annum
Annual electricity consumption - warm
852 kWh/annum



Capacity of standard unit as a function of qv and Pt, ext

SEL values according to EN 13141-7 are for standard units with standard filters ISO Coarse >90% (G4) and without heating element.

SEL values comprise the unit’s total power comsumption incl. control.

Conversion factior: J/m3 : 3600 = W/m3/h

Attention! The SEL values are measured and stated as a total value for both fans.

Temperature efficiency

Temperature efficiency for units with counterflow heat exchanger according to EN308.

Sound data

Sounddata is for qv = 210 m3/h and Pt, ext = 100 Pa in accordance with EN 9614-2 for surface and EN 5136 for ducts.

Sound output level LWA drops with falling air volumes and falling back-pressure.

At a given distance, the sound pressure level LpA will depend on the acoustic conditions at the installation site.

COP (air-air)

Heat output factor COP [-] supply air as a function of outdoor temperature t21 [°C] and volume flow qv [m3/h] in accordance with EN14511 at a room temperature t11 = 21°C

COP according EN14511 is calculated for the heat pump and counter flow heat exchanger combined.


Tapped water

Tapped volume in litres Vmax [L] from Compact S tank as a function of tapped temperature t [C°] and tank temperature at 40°, 50° and 60°C

Heat output supply air

Heat output Qc [W] as a function of qv [m3/h] and outdoor air temperature t21 [°C]. In accordance with EN 14511, t11=21°C (extract air).

Heat output is the contribution to room heating added to the fresh air via Compact S to the supply air.

The ventilation loss is the heat output that is lost without heat recovery at the given volume flow air.

1: Fresh air
2: Supply air
3: Extract air
4: Discharge air

The Compact S is controlled using its CTS 602 HMI touch panel, featuring a wide range of functions, e.g., menu-controlled operation, weekly programme settings, filter monitor with timer, fan speed adjustment, summer bypass, supply-heating element control, error messages etc.

The CTS 602 comes with factory settings, including a default setting which can be customised to operational requirements to achieve optimum operation and utilisation of the system.

There is an option for selecting between 2 front page images for the main screen.

Operating instructions for the CTS 602 can be found in a separate user manual supplied with the unit.

Functional overview CTS 602 overview

 Functional overview  

 + Standard

- Accessories

3 levels The control function is divided into 3 levels: User/Service/Factory with various options at each level  +
Weekly plan The unit has 3 weekly programmes (with a factory setting of “off”)
• Programme 1: for working families
• Programme 2: for stay-at-home families
• Programme 3: for businesses
There is also an option for you to set your own weekly programme.
User option 1 This allows you to override the operating mode in the main menu via an external potential-free contact or PIR sensor.  +
User option 2 With an Expansion PCB mounted, allows you to make additional connections, e.g.
• User option 2 overrides User option 1 (e.g. connecting an EM box)
• Up to 500 W direct
• Output relai
• Switching the central heating system on/off
Alarms Alarm log featuring the last 16 alarms.  +
Filter monitor Filter monitor with timer (factory setting of 90 days). Adjustable to 30/90/180/360 days.  +


Bypassing the outdoor air reduces heat recovery, enabling the desired supply air temperature to be maintained spring, summer and autumn.  +
Air quality Allows you to choose whether to switch humidity sensors and/or CO2 sensors on and off.  +/-
Humidity control Allows you to set a higher or lower ventilation step in the case of high/low air humidity.  +
Summer/Winter operation Possible to set operation for summer and vinter  
Winter low Allows you to select a low ventilation step in the case of low outside temperatures  
Defrost function Temperature-based automatic function for defrosting the heat exchanger.  +
Frost protection In case of failing heating system, the unit is turned off to avoid further cooling with a risk of the water heating coil frost bursting.  +
Temperature control Allows you to select the temperature sensor which will control the unit.
• T10 EXHAUST (extract air)
Room low Stops the unit at a low room temperature. Hereby is cooling of the home avoided in case of a failing central heating system. Standard set to OFF. Can be set from 1 to 20 degrees and is controlled by:
• T10 EXHAUST (extract air)
Air volume Allows you to set four ventilation steps. Supply air and extract air are set individually.
• Step 1 < 25% -  Step 2 < 45% - Step 3 < 70% - Step 4 < 100%
Legionella control It is possible to choose a weekday or a day during the month, where the sanitary hot water
temperature reaches 65 °C, for example between 1 and 6 o´clock.
External firealarm Possible to connect the unit to external firealarm.  
Joint alarm Outlet for joint alarm.  +
Constant pressure control Allows control from both the extract air and supply air side.  -
Cooling Via bypass (can only cool with outdoor temperature) and
cool recovery (can only cool with indoor temperature).
This allows you to choose whether to run the system at a higher or the highest ventilation step during cooling.
The weekly programme has an option for setting cooling at night.
Intake air control Allows you to set the regulator to control the intake air temperature/supply air
(only available if the control unit has been configured for a supply-heating element).
External electric heating element • Temperature sensor T7 is an supply air sensor
• Overheating protection
Delayed start-up There is a possibility for a delayed start-up by the fans, when a closing damper is installed.  +
Reset Allows you to restore the factory settings.  +
Manual test Allows you to test the unit’s functions manually.  +
Language Option for setting the relevant language (Danish/Finnish/Norwegian/Swedish/German/English/French).  +


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