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Optimised 3-kW geothermal heat pump for Compact P

29-04-2014 | We have further developed our 3-kW geothermal heat pump that is integrated in the Compact P unit, and we can now present the latest member of the Compact P family – Compact P GEO 3.

Compact P GEO 3 is an extremely energy-efficient total solution that is far more effective than traditional heat pumps with a constant (on/off) output. Thanks to the variable compressor, the geothermal heat pump never uses more energy than necessary. The result is a high COP of 4.5 and SCOP of 5.17, according to tests done by the Danish Technological Institute (in accordance with EN14511). The heat pump is expected to be categorised as an A+++ product, as it complies with the Ecodesign Directive whereby geothermal heat pumps with a SCOP > 4.38 are granted the A+++ energy label.

A system full of benefits

Besides the high COP of 4.5 and SCOP of 5.17, Compact P GEO 3 also offers a variable capacity range from 0.5 kW to 3 kW, as well as easy installation, and these are just some the benefits offered by Compact P GEO 3. The system is the result of our ongoing development work on our Compact P solution, which presents plenty of potential and opportunities in one single cabinet.

Compact P GEO 3 is an extremely energy-efficient total solution with a very high efficiency. This is shown by official tests that have presented unique results. The category of "Total solution" signifies how Compact P GEO 3 combines ventilation, production of hot water and space heating in one single cabinet.
As the geothermal heat pump is integrated in the Compact P system, the total solution is distinguished by combining ventilation and hot water production in one cabinet that in terms of size matches an American-style refrigerator. This makes this solution easy to install, requiring minimum space, making it an unassuming, but important, installation in the home.

Part of Denmark's best-selling road in 2013

The newly-built Tunegårdsvænget in Greve Municipality, which solely comprises of low-energy homes, was the best-selling road in Denmark in 2013. All of the houses on this road are equipped with the Nilan Compact P GEO 3, which ensures green savings for the road's residents, guaranteeing low hot water and heating costs. Most of the road's home owners will cut their water and heating costs by up to 75%, turning annual heating and hot water costs of DKK 20,000 into annual costs of DKK 5,000.

Read more about Tunegårdsvænget here (in Danish).

Also in a version optimised for use in cold climates

Compact P GEO 3 is also available in a Compact Polar GEO 3 version that is optimised for use in cold climates. Besides the built-in geothermal heat pump, the system is also equipped with a built-in preheating element that protects the system's counterflow heat exchangers from icing-up, which can occur during cold spells, due to the condensation forming in the counterflow heat exchanger.

Read more about Compact P GEO here.



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