VPM 560

VPM 560 comprises highly efficient heat recovery units with cooling facility. The units are specially developed for use in commercial buildings which require air renewal up to 8,000 m³/hour.

A VPM unit removes the hot, humid air from the building and injects temperate air. The energy in the extract air is recovered and transferred to the incoming air via a unique combination of active (heat pump) and passive (heat pipe) heat recovery. The high efficiency of the VPM range is due to the unique construction, which combines the best of two technologies. The technology improves energy efficiency so that it is close to 100 %. This means that the need for the supply of heat during the cold months of the year is reduced to a minimum, and significant savings are made on the building's energy consumption and CO2 emissions. During the summer the process is reversed so that the incoming air is cooled.

The plug’n’play solution is modular and can be configured to match individual customer wishes and requirements. This makes the range extremely simple to install. The unit is monitored and controlled by our CTS 602i or 6000 control panel.

VPM 120-560 is a series of ventilation units with heat recovery useful for ventilation of schools, offices and business premises with a ventilation requirement of up to 8,000 m3/h, and where cooling may also be required.

Heat recovery takes place via a heat pump that recovers up to 100% of the heat in the extracted air. The heat pump has a reversible cooling circuit, which means that the unit can also provide cooling. 

If the unit is dimensioned for cooling requirements, in most cases the heat pump will be able to provide enough heating to make a supplementary heating element superfluous.

Dimensions (WxDxH) 2,255 x 1,140 x 1,400 mm
Weight 615 kg
Plate type casing Aluzinc steel plate
Filter class Standard bag filter ISO ePM10 >60% (M5) extract air and ISO ePM1 50% (F7) fresh air
Duct connections 500 x 600 mm (H x W)
Condensate drain PVC, Ø 20×1.5 mm
Supply voltage 3 x 400, 50 HZ
Max. input/power 12 kW, 3 x 32 A
Tightness class L2 (DS/EN 1886)
Min. Air volume 1,400 m3/h
Max. Air volume 8,000 m3/h
Compressor type on/off, Maneurop type: MTZ 80
Refrigerant heatpipe R 744 / 5.5 kg
Refrigerant cooling circuit R 407 C / 5.5 kg
Condenser/evaporator 605 x 900 mm
Condensation capacity 13.5 l/h (25 °C / 70% RH, nominal airvolume)
Variable compressor (accessory) Frequency controlled Maneurop type: VTZ 86

Ecodesign/ERP data

Fan data
Motordata (optimalt driftspunkt)

CTS 6000 control

For online monitoring and control of the unit, Nilan’s CTS 6000 Automatic control can be used (See description of the automatic control on pages 28 and 29).

LON/Modbus card
CTS 6000 automatic control can be connected to an external building management system with LON or Modbus communication. This card is an accessory to the CTS 6000 automatic control.

Learn more about CTS 6000 here.

VTZ compressor


VTZ is a frequency-controlled compressor with constant, stable regulation. The compressor adapts its operation to the cooling or heating requirement, and will thereby achieve a high COP value,
and low energy consumption.


The VTZ compressor can only be used with the CTS 6000 automatic


Shut-off damper

Damper for external installation is provided in a set of two, with attached servomotor.

  • For CTS 602 a 230-V servomotor is included.
  • For CTS 6000 a 24-V servomotor is included.


Heating elements


A heating element can raise the supply air temperature to the required level VPM 120-560 is available with integrated waterheating or electrical residual heating element.


Both automatic controls can also regulate external heating elements.


Pressure regulated filter alarm

Measures the pressure drop across the filter and alerts when the filter is to be replaced.

Heating cable

To protect the condensation outlet against frost, a 3 metre-long self-regulating heating cable can be ordered.


Water trap

The water trap makes sure that condensate water runs freely from the unit.


Top cover

If the unit is going to be installed outside, it is possible to order a top cover which protects the unit against rain and snow.


Pressure transmitter

The extraction and/or supply fan can be operated with the aid of one or two pressure transmitters.


Humidity control

Integrated humidity control can be ordered for the unit, to control the ventilation according to the relative humidity in the extracted air.

Pressure-regulated filter alarm

Measures the pressure drop across the filter and alerts when the filter is to be replaced.

CO2-sensor – CTS 602 control

With a CO2-sensor installed, the ventilation speed can be pre-programmed with CTS 602 to run at a higher ventilation steps when CO2 reaches high level in the extract air. CO2-level is programmable (expansion PCB required).

Motor and motorcontrol

Motor type EC-motor
Motor class according to IEC 60034-30 IE3 (Premium efficiency)
Voltage input 3 x 400 V
Current overload protection Built-in
Control signal 0 - 10 V DC
Fluid temperature (air) -20 / +40 °C
Ambient temperature (operating) -20 / +40 °C


Data for ecodesign

Overall efficiency 67.9 %
Measurement category A
Efficiency category Static
Efficiency grade N 74.1
Variable speed drive Yes
Power consumption P ed 2.59 kW
Air flow qv 5525 m3/h
Pressure increase 1075 Pa
Speed n 3245
Specific racio 1.01

Conditions according to EC327/2011


Max Pa capacity of standard unit, Pt,ext as a function of qv, with regard to SFP-values.

SFP-values according to EN13414-7 for a standard unit with ISO ePM10 >60% (M5) & ISO ePM1 50% (F7) filters an no heating element.

* Airflow speed above evaporator is measured at meters per second.

Attention! The SFP values are measured and stated as a total value for both fans.

Sound data

Sound data for qV = 5,600 m3/h and Pt, ext = 250 Pa according to EN 9614-2 for surfaces and EN 5136 for ducts.

Sound output level LWA drops with falling air volume and falling back pressure.

Sound output level LpA at a given distance will depend on acoustic conditions in the place of installation.

COP (air/air)

Heat effect factor COP [-] supply air as function of outdoor temperature [°C] and volume flow qv [m3/h].

According to EN14511, extract air = 21 °C.

Heat effect (supply air)

Heat effect Qc [W] as a function of qv 5,600 m3/h and outdoor air temperature [°C].

According to EN 14511, extract air = 21 °C

Cooling effect

Supply air temperature [°C] as a function of outdoor air temperature [°C] and volume flow qv 5,600 m3/h balanced flow.

Extract air temperature = 24 °C

The VPM 560 is controlled using its CTS 602i HMI touch panel, featuring a wide range of functions, e.g., menu-controlled operation, weekly programme settings, filter monitor with timer, fan speed adjustment, summer bypass, post-heating element control, error messages etc.

The CTS 602i comes with factory settings, including a default setting which can be customised to operational requirements to achieve optimum operation and utilisation of the system.

1: Fresh air
2: Supply air
3: Extract air
4: Discharge air
5: Condensate drain
6: Electric and water heating

T1: Outdoor air sensor
T2/T7: Supply air sensor
T9: Heating element frost protection
T5: Capacitor sensor
T6: Evaporator sensor
T10: Room sensor

Functional overview CTS 602i overview

Functional overview  

 + Standard

- Accessories

3 levels The control function is divided into 3 levels: User/Service/Factory with various options at each level  +
Weekly plan The unit has 3 weekly programmes (with a factory setting of “off”)
• Programme 1: for working families
• Programme 2: for stay-at-home families
• Programme 3: for businesses
There is also an option for you to set your own weekly programme.
User option 1 This allows you to override the operating mode in the main menu via an external potential-free contact or PIR sensor.  +
Alarms Alarm log featuring the last 16 alarms.  +
Filter monitor Filter monitor with timer (factory setting of 90 days). Adjustable to 30/90/180/360 days.  +


Bypassing the outdoor air reduces heat recovery, enabling the desired supply air temperature to be maintained spring, summer and autumn.  +
Air quality Allows you to choose whether to switch humidity sensors and/or CO2 sensors on and off.  +/-
Humidity control Allows you to set a higher or lower ventilation step in the case of high/low air humidity.  +
CO2 control Allows you to set a higher or lower ventilation step in the case of a high/low CO2 level.  -
Air exchange Allows you to select a low ventilation step in the case of low outside temperatures and air humidity.  +
Defrost function Temperature-based automatic function for defrosting the heat exchanger.  +
Frost protection In case of failing heating system, the unit is turned off to avoid further cooling with a risk of the water heating coil frost bursting.  +
Temperature control Allows you to select the temperature sensor which will control the unit.
• T15 ROOM (panel sensor)
• T10 EXT (fitted in a representative extraction valve)
• T3 EXHAUST (extract air)
Room control Allows you to set the regulator to control the room temperature.  +
Air volume Allows you to set four ventilation steps. Supply air and extract air are set individually.
• Step 1 < 25%
• Step 2 < 45%
• Step 3 < 70%
• Step 4 < 100%
Fire alarm This allows you to connect fire-detecting thermostats, smoke detectors and other fire alarm contacts.

In case of an alarm, smoke dampers are closed and the unit stops.

Joint alarm Outlet for joint alarm  +
Constant pressure control Allows control from both the extract air and supply air side.  -
Cooling The heat pump has a reversible coolingcircuit, which means that the coolingcircuit can be reversed, with the unit cooling instead of heating the supply air.  +
Intake air control Allows you to set the regulator to control the intake air temperature/supply air
(only available if the control unit has been configured for a supply-heating element).
External heating element • Temperature sensor T7 is an supply air sensor
• Integrated frost protection for external water heating element
• Motorised valve and circulation pump control unit
External electric heating element • Temperature sensor T7 is an supply air sensor
• Overheating protection
Delayed start-up There is a possibility for a delayed start-up by the fans, when a closing damper is installed.  +
Expansion PCB Allows you to make additional connections, e.g.
• User option 2 overrides User option 1 (e.g. connecting an EM box)
• Up to 500 W direct
• Can give the signal for external heating if the defrost function is used
• Switching the central heating system on/off
Reset Allows you to restore the factory settings.  +
Manual test Allows you to test the unit’s functions manually.  +
Language Option for setting the relevant language (Danish/Finnish/Norwegian/Swedish/German/English/French).  +

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