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PHI-certified ventilation unit with heat recovery ensures easier planning

27-06-2014 | Nilan has just achieved the internationally recognised passive house certification for the Comfort CT150 ventilation unit. This certification is vitally important for passive house producers, since it enables them to use the unit in buildings without more detailed calculations and documentation being required. This eases the planning process and also ensures the unit's efficiency.

After several years' work on both the development and constant optimisation of Comfort CT150, the unit is now the first universal ventilation unit with such low energy consumption and such high temperature efficiency.

In concrete terms, the certification means that the unit holds advance approval for use in passive houses without further control of its efficiency. This means that passive house producers can install the unit and integrate its benefits without further calculation and documentation in the energy calculation core that is the basis for the construction and the house's status as a passive building. This makes the planning process simpler, ensuring the unit's efficiency.

"The hard work of development and optimisation has been worth the effort and we are very proud and pleased that we have now achieved the PHI certification. We have great expectations for Comfort CT150," says Peter Sønderskov, Nilan's Export and Marketing Manager, adding:

"We have developed Comfort CT150 for the homes of tomorrow. The unit can be used in all types of low-energy and passive house buildings, but can also be used in homes or flats that require low energy consumption."

Future-oriented ventilation unit
Comfort CT150 is particularly suitable for decentralised ventilation in flats and is the latest addition to Nilan's Comfort series. The unit has been developed on the basis of extensive experience and knowledge of the production of high-efficiency ventilation unit, including from "big brother" Comfort CT300, which achieved PHI-certification in 2013.

"As with Comfort CT300, we have focused on creating a future-oriented unit that fulfils the more stringent 2020 requirements, as well as the EU's ecodesign directive for heat recovery and energy consumption. We are close to the limits of the possible within the laws of thermodynamics in terms of the unit's construction, but we view this as an opportunity to create a unique product that fulfils the market's requirements of the ventilation solutions of the future. The result speaks for itself as a PHI-certified, universal ventilation unit designed with the market's best and most energy efficient components, " says Peter Sønderskov.

FACTS: What is PHI certification?
Behind the certification is the German Passive House Institute (PHI), which is a key player in the sector for low energy and passive house construction. The Institute's recommendations carry a lot of weight, and the recognition of Comfort CT150 is a blue stamp for the unit's efficiency, including its low lifetime costs, high profitability and, not least, temperature efficiency. Read more about PHI at

FACTS: About Nilan's Comfort CT150 ventilation unit
The Comfort CT150 ventilation unit is the first universal ventilation unit with counterflow heat exchangers to achieve PHI certification. The unit is universal due to its structure that allows for both horizontal and vertical installation. Comfort CT150 is highly efficient, with a compact design that makes it very suitable for installation in row houses, flats and summer cottages with limited space. See more about Comfort CT150 at

About Nilan
Nilan develops and manufactures energy-saving ventilation and heat pump solutions of the highest quality that ensure a healthy indoor climate and low energy consumption, while protecting the environment, for both commercial and private users. Nilan's internationalisation has increased steadily since it was established in 1974, and today the company is represented in most of Europe. Read more at

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The universal ventilation unit Comfort CT150 has just achieved the internationally recognised PHI certification, which simplifies the project design process.


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