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To extend our popular Comfort series, we are launching a new space-saving model – Comfort CT150.

02-10-2013 | On October 1st Nilan launched a new member of our popular Comfort series. Comfort CT150 is an energy-efficient ventilation and heat recovery system in a compact design. This system is ideal for use in new and refurbished apartments, summer cottages and terraced houses, where the space is limited.

The new Comfort CT150 ventilation and heat recovery system is the latest addition to our popular Comfort series. Comfort CT150 is the result of two years' research into existing residential buildings. We aimed to develop an energy-efficient ventilation and heat recovery system specially designed for use in apartments.

The system is ideal for use in new buildings or in connection with housing refurbishments, where space is limited. Thanks to the compact design, the unit is easy to fit. It can be mounted either to a wall or ceiling. A set of brackets is supplied. Comfort CT150 can be used as a subsidiary system, if, for example, you fit two systems into one large residential housing unit, such as a villa. This saves on the cost of ducting and reduces heat and pressure loss in the duct system, compared to a conventional ventilation and heat recovery system.

Comfort CT150 is available with a counterflow heat exchanger, made of polystyrene or aluminium. A polystyrene heat exchanger provides the highest thermal efficiency rating – up to 93% in accordance with EN 308. Meanwhile, the aluminium counterflow heat exchanger provides the lowest ventilator power consumption. The system is available with a choice of two control panels: a control panel with a display or a stepwise adjustable control panel.

The Comfort CT150 accessories include a water-heating element or an electrical residual heating element, an electrical pre-heating element and EM-box, as well as G4 and F7 filters.

Read more about Comfort CT150 here.



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