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Retrofitting buildings to Irish NZEB standard using Nilan Compact P

23-08-2019 | Project in Dublin, Ireland has set the standard of retrofitting social housing block to passive house standard.

This means saving energy and providing superior comfort. With Nilan Compact P, tenants are sure to get plenty of hot water, heat and cool while getting fresh clean and tempered air coming in their dwelling. All this comfort for an estimated energy bill of 500€ per year.

Every trade received a great training onside before starting the project. To understand the principals of passive house standard and making a great team effort. This was the main key to the success.

Nilan Compact P can be used in all types of low-energy and passive buildings but can also ensure low energy consumption in any home or flat. Since Nilan Compact P is module-based, it offers not just one, but several solutions.

The compact design and numerous functions combined in one unit ensures minimum installation, space requirements, as well as rapid and easy installation.

See the video of St. Bricins Park Official Opening


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