To achieve optimum control of Nilan's ventilation units, our simple and user-friendly controls monitor the most important functions. We have developed our CTS 600-602 and CTS 6000 controls to do exactly this. The CTS 600-602 are on-site controls, while the CTS 6000 provides an option for online control of the unit.

The VPM 120-560 range is supplied standard with our CTS 600 control. The CTS 6000 can be selected as an accessory, if required. Comfort 1200 is supplied standard with our CTS 602 control.

The VPM 600-3200 and VPL 31-125 ranges are supplied standard without a control. We recommend our CTS 6000 control for use with these ranges.




CTS 6000

Online control and monitoring of Nilan commercial units
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CTS 600-602   

Standard control of Nilan commercial units
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