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Energy friendly construction with Nilan ventilation units

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Cold air in the summer and heated air in the winter

Combi Polar gives you ventilation plus comfort heating and cooling. This means that you during the summer can cool your home and heat it during the winter.

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New touch of fresh air

The touch panel gives both the installers and the users optimum usability, overview and reliability.

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New energy-efficient ventilation unit

The new Comfort 252 Top is ideal for homes and smaller commercial buildings. Has low energy consumption and is easy use.

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Compact P AIR - Heating solution of the future with an impressive SCOP

Nilan has developed a new outdoor air heat pump that is reliable down to -22 degrees, and has an impressive SCOP of 5.11.

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About Nilan

Nilan develops and manufactures premium-quality, energy-saving ventilation and heat pump solutions that are beneficial to the environment and provide a healthy indoor climate and low-level energy consumption.

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About Nilan

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